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Dreams are like the stars of your destiny.

Lauren Bjorkman
Today's fortune submitted by:
Lauren Bjorkman

Taos, NM, USA

Lauren Bjorkman, a young adult fiction author, was raised on a sailboat. Her early adventures on the Gaucho and life without modern conveniences shaped her storytelling. Struggling to fit in upon returning to California, she embraced writing, driven by a love for books and desire to share her unique perspective.

Starry Night.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about mapping your dreams.

How could you possibly obtain the life you always wanted if you hadn't first imagined yourself obtaining it? Landing that great job, finding the perfect house, winning terrific awards, or meeting your future spouse, all have an essential starting point and begin within us as a dream.

Somewhere down deep, we visualize what we want, and paint a detailed picture of what it will look like when our dreams have come true. Each of our dreams is represented on the canvas of our future as a little twinkling star. Some of these stars are painted bold and bright, outshining all others like the north star, giving us a clear direction for what we most wish to achieve in our lives.

Some stars may have begun as our greatest dream in years past but have faded over time. Others have burned out altogether. Some of our dreams are part of a complex constellation, connected with several other stars we plan to accomplish within a specific sequence. Our dreams provide a map for our motivations and a compass for our intentions.

Just as the explorers of centuries past navigated the sea by way of plotting stars during their voyage, our dreams serve as a guide for our future. Some of us have a million dreams painted on a canvas sky, completely covered with stars, and others may have but just a few. Whether you're a non-stop dreamer or completely focused on a single objective, I truly believe it is as today's fortune says, "Dreams are like the stars of your destiny."

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Submitted by:

Lauren Bjorkman

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Taos, NM, USA

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