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Don't engage in road rage.

Dave Schneider
Today's fortune submitted by:
Dave Schneider

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Dave Schneider, a dynamic serial entrepreneur, has a proven track record with successful ventures like NinjaOutreach and LessChurn. After exploring over 60 countries, he now leads Shortlist, an innovative inbound marketing agency, and develops transformative software solutions with and Known for his exceptional communication and management skills, Dave is dedicated to enriching customer experiences and fostering meaningful connections with fellow entrepreneurs.

Navigating with Grace.

Today’s Marketing Cookie is a fictional story that reveals the truth about navigating the ups and downs of your career with grace, professionalism, and a positive attitude—even in challenging situations.

Your career is an adventurous road trip, navigating the winding paths of professional growth and challenges. There are moments when the journey feels like a smooth drive through rewarding milestones, but there are also times when you must deal with aggressive behavior and stressful conditions, and it can drive you crazy.

One such instance is when your manager unfairly criticizes you in front of your entire team for helping another department achieve their goals. The sting of those words feels like someone laying on their horn at you because you merged over to let another driver into your lane. You take a deep breath, respond with professionalism, and focus on the positive impact you made. Staying calm and not taking the criticism personally preserves your dignity and earns the respect of your colleagues.

There was that time when a coworker, known for sabotaging others and spreading rumors to climb the corporate ladder, is undeservingly receiving that promotion you had been promised months ago. It feels like witnessing a driver recklessly weaving through a traffic jam and using the shoulder lane to unfairly bypass everyone else. Instead of reacting with frustration, you maintain your integrity, continue to do your best work, and support your colleagues. Your commitment to professionalism and ethical behavior, despite the unfair circumstances, still feels like the right thing to do.

Then there’s that day when you face an unexpected detour and encounter an unfair layoff. The news blindsides you with no warning or explanation, especially when you have been recently praised as a high performer. To make matters worse, management lies about the reasons for the layoff, making up false performance issues as an excuse, and allows rumors to spread, leaking the news to others on your team before informing you. It feels like being cut off suddenly, forcing you to swerve off your planned route. Instead of lashing out and making a scene, you hold your tongue, pack up your desk with dignity, and exit with a smile.

Fast forward to today, and your phone rings. On the other end is the leader from the department you had previously assisted. They recall your grace under pressure and have always admired your collaborative spirit and positive attitude. They extend an exciting opportunity, inviting you to join a new team they are assembling. It’s a reminder that maintaining a positive outlook and treating others with respect can take you places that you never imagined possible. Considering how grace under pressure steered you in the right direction, always remember: "Don't engage in road rage."

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Submitted by:

Dave Schneider

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Philadelphia, PA, USA

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