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Circumstances do not make the man, they merely reveal himself to himself.

JaeMi Pennington
Today's fortune submitted by:
JaeMi Pennington

Nashua, NH, USA

JaeMi Pennington, Account Director at Metis Communications, excels in PR, known for strategic insights and exceptional writing. Skilled in media relations, he consistently secures coverage, praised for his creativity and professionalism. Valued for his positive demeanor and results-driven approach by clients and colleagues.

Allow Myself To Introduce... Myself

Today's Marketing Cookie emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and confidence.

When I read JaeMi's fortune this morning, it reminded me of a memorable line from an Austin Powers movie when the International Man of Mystery says, "Please allow myself to introduce... myself." It always makes me chuckle, but perhaps there's a deeper lesson to be learned from Mr. Powers.

Notice how long you remember someone's name after they introduce themselves at your next networking event. They approach, offer a handshake, and say, "Hello, I am John Q. Smith." However, you're so preoccupied with trying to remember to say your name correctly that you immediately forget theirs. Then, after chatting for a while, a well-known acquaintance asks you to introduce the person you've been speaking with for half an hour. You're at a loss for their name.

Many people feel uncertain about themselves when meeting new people, causing their attention to scatter. Thoughts like "Why did he look at my hair? Do I have something in my teeth? Did I lock the car?" distract from focusing on the interaction. Then there's someone who thrives in networking, effortlessly remembering names and letting others speak about themselves. This prowess may stem partly from being an extrovert, but it's largely due to experience.

They know who they are, are comfortable in their own skin, and thus find it easier to meet and remember others. Their comfort with themselves allows them to listen more than talk. This comfort likely comes from years of taking risks, making decisions, and navigating uncomfortable situations, leading to self-discovery. As today's fortune cookie suggests, "Circumstances do not make the man, they merely reveal him to himself."

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JaeMi Pennington

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Nashua, NH, USA

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