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Be willing to believe in anything that is good.

Derek Archambault
Today's fortune submitted by:
Derek Archambault

Barre, VT, USA

Derek Archambault is a seasoned marketing leader known for driving revenue growth and brand equity in competitive sectors. From establishing mid-market functions to leading billion-dollar brands, he consistently delivers ROI through innovative strategies and team building. His transformative roles at Dean Foods, Keurig, and FoodScience showcase his blend of big-brand practices and entrepreneurial spirit, making him ideal for dynamic marketing leadership.

Believe in Goodness.

Today’s Marketing Cookie is about balancing skepticism with optimism to find and embrace true goodness.

In a world full of varying shades of gray and an onslaught of misinformation and uncertainty across all forms of media, it's natural to look at things through a lens of skepticism. After all, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is – like that email from a Nigerian prince. While it's true that not everything is inherently good, it doesn’t mean that everything is completely bad either. Mastering a balanced approach combines a "hmmm, this seems off" attitude together with a sense of optimism, allowing us to embrace what feels right without having to cross our fingers.

President Ronald Reagan's famous phrase "trust but verify" during nuclear disarmament negotiations with the Soviet Union encapsulates this approach. He understood the importance of trust in fostering cooperation, good will, and progress, yet he also recognized the need to ensure that the agreed terms were upheld. This balance of confidence and scrutiny can be applied to how we approach identifying and keeping goodness in our lives.

Embracing this approach doesn't mean ignoring the negative like those three monkeys covering their eyes, ears, and mouths. Instead, it means choosing to focus our energy on seeing the positive, like doing the scribble test to find the one working pen in a drawer full of duds. Actively seeking out and acknowledging the good around us and having faith and trust in the goodness we do find, fosters a sense of hope in others.

Ultimately, maintaining a hopeful and optimistic outlook while exercising your judgment opens you up to a world of potential and positivity. By leaning into the good we encounter, we can enrich our lives. So, take a deep breath, trust in the brighter possibilities, and as today’s fortune says, "Be willing to believe in anything that is good."

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Submitted by:

Derek Archambault

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Barre, VT, USA

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"Participant award counts"

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"Award winning."

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