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An interesting musical opportunity is in your near future.

Kendall Broos
Today's fortune submitted by:
Kendall Broos

Eden Prairie, MN, USA

Kendall Broos is a dynamic Marketing Manager at OncoHealth with over 9 years of experience in healthcare and technology. Passionate about advancing healthcare, Kendall excels in fostering collaboration and aligning teams. Known for creating impactful strategies and campaigns, Kendall drives innovation and delivers tangible results that benefit both consumers and organizations.

From Silence to Song.

Today's Marketing Cookie urges you to let your voice be heard and recognize the power of your presence, even without words.

James, a young and aspiring actor, had his heart set on playing the Earl of Warwick in George Bernard Shaw's classic play, Saint Joan. The role of the Earl was significant, embodying the voice of the English aristocracy and opposing Joan of Arc's revolutionary influence and her ability to inspire the common people. Jim saw this as a pivotal moment in his dream to become an actor and put his all into the audition. Alongside him auditioned Peter, another talented actor who had his eyes set on the same role.

The casting decision came, and to Jim's dismay, Peter got the role. Jim was given the role of a monk, a character without lines who only appears in the final scene. The news hit Jim hard, and his disappointment was obvious. He had dreamed of delivering powerful monologues and captivating the audience with his portrayal, but instead, he felt sidelined and unseen. Mr. Durband, the director, saw how down and defeated Jim was and came over to give him a pep talk after rehearsal.

He explained that he chose Peter for the part because his voice carries and can fill an entire room. Mr. Durband then told Jim that he speaks softly most of the time and that his voice doesn’t project. However, he assured Jim that "Being heard takes more than just being loud," and that the impact you can make with your presence can convey more than any speaking part. The conversation gave young Jim a fresh perspective, and he was determined to play the best silent monk he could ever be.

Peter’s authoritative voice eventually led him to become a renowned news broadcaster, known for his ability to engage viewers with compelling storytelling. While the soft-spoken Jim didn’t pursue an acting career, he quickly found his voice through music. His songs filled rooms, stages and stadiums of every size and carried well across the world. Choosing to use just his middle name, James “Paul” McCartney joined with friends to form a band we all know as The Beatles. 

What if Jim’s failed acting aspirations had made him resent the stage? What if the director had not encouraged him? Perhaps Jim might never have become Paul McCartney, and this legendary musician might never have discovered what today's fortune says, "An interesting musical opportunity is in your near future."

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Submitted by:

Kendall Broos

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Eden Prairie, MN, USA

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