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A rockin' run is in the near future. Start strong, finish strong.

Karen Stone
Today's fortune submitted by:
Karen Stone

Nashville, TN, USA

Karen Stone leads B2B Marketing & Communications at Vanderbilt Univ. Medical Center, focusing on growth, brand management, and creative solutions. An expert in digital communications and event planning, she's also a revered AMA volunteer and mentor, known for her inspirational leadership.

To know Karen is to recognize pure brilliance, uncommon grace and utmost professionalism. When I faced challenges as an AMA chapter leader, Karen gave me inspiration and helped me celebrate every success. She helped me buy my first cowboy hat and I'm blessed to call her friend.

Rockin' Run.

Today's Marketing Cookie is dedicated to the thousands of volunteers who make the American Marketing Association relevant in the local community!

Today is July 4th, the day when our nation celebrates its independence. We are reminded of the thousands of colonial farmers who chose to put down their shovels, pickaxes, and plows to take up their muskets and stand together against the world's mightiest superpower. They were ill-trained, ill-equipped, and the odds were stacked against them, yet they stood strong and did not falter. Today we celebrate the precious gift of independence that was paid for on our behalf with the blood of determined patriots.

Today is also the fourth day of your term as a volunteer for the American Marketing Association. While you have not been asked to give your life for the association, you did promise to give your time. You gave up time with friends and family to fulfill your promise. You chose to work with other volunteers to make marketing more relevant in the community, more effective in practice, and to uphold good ethical principles. You chose to share ideas, to get closer with other marketers, and to get closer to your profession, all of which is an important promise and a substantial commitment.

When I first became a board member for the Boston chapter seven years ago, my mother first congratulated me. She smiled and then her face was washed over with seriousness as she explained that "you will most certainly get out of it something equal to whatever you put in." She followed by saying, "In whatsoever you choose to do, do it to the best of your ability... and then add ten percent." I followed her advice and put a lot of time, effort, and energy into the AMA... plus ten percent.

She was right!

As a result of listening to my mother, I became a smarter marketer. But that's not all... my professional LinkedIn network grew to about 5,000 contacts, my Twitter followers grew to about 57,000, I was honored as the Volunteer of the Year last year, and have just started a three-year term as a member of the International Board of Directors. Most of all, I made many good friends... which is like getting a ten percent bonus.

Mostly, I just want to say thank you for making the promises you've made to the AMA, and for the enormous commitment you've made to your career. Professionals like you, who are willing to volunteer for the AMA elevate themselves above their peers. You are a self-starter. You are inspired with a heart for "giving", rather than those who are looking for shortcuts and are only motivated by "getting". You are a leader, an inspiration for others, and you bring greatness to the AMA. This is July 4th, the fourth day of your term as a volunteer, and I believe, a rockin' run is in the near future. Start strong, finish strong... and add ten percent.

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Submitted by:

Karen Stone

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Nashville, TN, USA

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