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A messenger will soon bring good tidings.

Jeffery Hayzlett
Today's fortune submitted by:
Jeffery Hayzlett

New York, NY, USA

Jeffrey Hayzlett is a dynamic figure in global business, known as the Chairman of C-Suite Network, and a primetime TV and podcast host. An acclaimed Hall of Fame speaker and best-selling author, Hayzlett's expertise spans marketing, leadership, and business growth. His influential voice in the C-suite community is backed by a history of executive roles and impactful writing, making him a leading authority on business strategy and innovation.

Good Tidings Soon.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about how you are changing the world.

Today, I want to take you for a magic ride in my time machine, and I want you to see the future you are creating. Just you, me, and this kid Marty McFly. Are you ready, Doc? Okay, good. Let's set the flux capacitor, get this bucket of bolts up to 88 miles per hour and find that moment of truth I've been dreaming about.

Yes. I dream of a day when companies will tell the truth. It will be a day when they focus their attention on customer relationships, rather than on customer data. It will be a day when companies will grow because they deserve to win, because they have superior products and services, rather than because they could simply afford to acquire more shelf space. The day I dream about is a day when the consumer will see through the marketing veil and be able to judge a book by its content, and not just by its cover.

Yesterday, I thought the day for my dream to come true was a long way off, but you have been working to create a new reality. You have been calling companies to the mat, pinning them down, giving them repeated charlie horses and noogies until they give in, say "uncle," and you are making them tell the truth. You have been exposing them on your wall when they won't give the right answer, you've been giving them ratings on Yelp when they refuse to offer help, and you've been adding the truth to your feeds when what you ordered didn't taste right.

In case you were wondering, I am here to report that what you have been doing is working. Companies are learning that honesty, authenticity, and sincerity really are the best policy. Because of you, big brands and small brands alike are beginning to realize that customer delightedness may require more effort but is well worth the investment. Because of you, executives are seeing how important it is to keep their promises and exceed expectations. I thank you and encourage you to keep up the good work.

You, my friends, are changing the universe, and this is why I wanted to take you into the future so you could see the type of world you are creating. The truth is, companies are never going to deliver anything that hasn't been demanded by their consumers. You are demanding to be heard, and companies have begun to listen. You have forced them to hear you, and you have forced them to care. You did this! The future you wanted is coming, and as today's fortune says, "A messenger will soon bring good tidings."

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Submitted by:

Jeffery Hayzlett

Unpackaged in: 

New York, NY, USA

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What marketing is really saying:

"Twenty-nine of the items start at $29.99."

What marketing says:

"Thirty items on sale, starting at $12.99."

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