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A friend asks only for your time not your money.

Ignacio Luri
Today's fortune submitted by:
Ignacio Luri

Chicago, IL, USA

Ignacio Luri is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at DePaul University, Chicago, with a Doctorate from the University of Arizona. An international and DEI advocate, Ignacio specializes in Text Analytics and Consumer Insights, conducting qualitative and quantitative research on consumer culture. His interests include brand communities, prosocial marketing, and the intersection of consumer behavior and linguistics.

The Value of Time.

Today’s Marketing Cookie is a reminder to savor every second, as time spent wisely creates lasting connections and meaningful experiences.

At first, I thought this fortune was a criticism about people who ask their friends for money. That would suggest perhaps that your “real friends” wouldn’t, or at least shouldn’t be asking you for money, and if they do, you would be wise to question their friendship.

But what if it’s really saying something about the value of friendship itself? A friend who treasures time with you and cherishes your presence and companionship places the value of your time beyond estimation. It is a worthwhile thought, especially considering that time is money.

I’ve heard it said before that time is the great equalizer. Every one of us, no matter our wealth, fame, or status, shares the same twenty-four hours in a day. There’s no exception to this rule. Wait, you’re right. There was that time when Michael Jackson planned to trick the clock by flying across time zones to celebrate multiple New Year's Eve parties around the world. I guess that would mean his day would be longer than 24 hours. Oh, whoops! I just looked it up and Michael Jackson decided not to do that around-the-world concert after all. So never mind that.

Okay. Now here’s something. In 1970, a Pan Am crew attempted to create the "longest day" by flying westward around the world. Their day lasted 46 hours and 25 minutes. So, thanks to this little tidbit, I can now make the point that it is theoretically possible to have more than 24 hours in a day. Yeah, and people on the ISS orbit the Earth every 90 minutes or something like that, so would that be like 15 days in one? Let me check… umm, Google says 15.5. That’s close enough.

I’ll stop with this tangent now. Since we all have the same opportunity in a day to make the most of every moment, the only open question to answer along the friend-time continuum is what your time is worth.

Just like trying to find toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic, the value of time skyrockets when it’s in short supply. Just ask your team when deadlines are looming — what they wouldn’t do for a few extra days to complete a project. Or ask the old wealthy man who would pay every penny he has to have more time with his grandchildren. This is when time shifts from being a mere backdrop of daily routines to a precious resource, making it crucial to savor every second.

So, if a friend needs a few bucks, give it to them freely if you have it. But when they ask for your time, invest it generously. Time is the true currency of life and sharing it with those we care about enriches your life and theirs. Your time together creates lasting memories, deepens your connections, and builds a legacy of love and support that transcends the fleeting moments of any single day. So, value every moment and remember what today’s fortune says, “A friend asks only for your time not your money.”

Research Source: Google "longest theoretical day"

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Submitted by:

Ignacio Luri

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Chicago, IL, USA

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