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Your mind is original, creative, and alert.

Tara Jones
Today's fortune submitted by:
Tara Jones

Helena, MT, USA

Tara Jones is a Customer-Centric CSM and IT Project Manager with a knack for DEI and marketing. Known for enterprise project success and fostering workplace inclusivity, her achievements include WalkMe Services Influencer of the Month. Core values: Compassion, acceptance, excellence.

Original Ideas

Today's Marketing Cookie is a compliment. Do you remember when you had that terrific idea for your marketing campaign that no one else had thought of, but for whatever reason, you decided to play it safe and not go forward with it? Then, about three months later, you see the exact same idea being used by someone else? Oh man! That could have been your awesome campaign.

I realize it is very early on a Monday morning and you may not be feeling alert at the moment, but once you've had some coffee, you'll be as sharp as a tack! As marketers, we have to pay attention. Keep watch and look around for opportunities where your brand message can stand out and be noticed by your prospects. Once you discover a creative and original opportunity, you should capitalize on your idea!

We're in the "original idea" business. One of our clients was going to a huge trade show in Las Vegas to launch the hot new branding we had just developed. As a startup, they couldn't afford a big space on the show floor and didn't have the budget to buy ads in the show guide. How could we get our client to stand out from the crowd? They already said NO to the chicken suits. Hmmm.

We came up with the brilliant idea of hanging banners on the giant columns throughout the Las Vegas airport. BINGO!!! Hanging banners in the airport was a fraction of the cost of ads at the show! The banners were the very first thing attendees saw on their way to the show and the last thing they saw on their way home. The banners encouraged people to visit the booth or website and ask for a free gift. We know the banners worked because they ran out of giveaways at the show, received online requests from the airport after the show and generally collected more leads than they imagined possible.


Your ideas are great and your mind is original, creative, and alert. Are you ready to give it a try?

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Submitted by:

Tara Jones

Unpackaged in: 

Helena, MT, USA

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"Does not contain onions."

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Learn to speak marketing.

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