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Your best idea will come to you in the shower this week. Act on it.

Malik Calimbas
Today's fortune submitted by:
Malik Calimbas

San Marcos, CA, USA

Malik Calimbas, Art Director at FerryIntl, is a dynamic illustrator and musician with a rich history in sports media, having shaped visual narratives for YPM, MLB, and Beckett Media in LA.

Act On It.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about converting ideas into action.

The prerequisite for today's fortune, if it were to come true for you, is that you will have to take a shower—at least once this week. If you were thinking no one would notice if you skipped a shower for a few days, please let me be so bold as to say, we always notice. The good news is that if you take two showers this week, you statistically double your chances of getting your next best idea!

The truth about great ideas is that they sometimes come when you least expect them. Just like lightning, you never know where you may be when great ideas strike. They hit us when we're driving on the highway, in the middle of the night when we're supposed to be sleeping, and yes, even in the shower.

Unlike lightning, however, ideas will strike the same place twice. So, if your "idea place" is the shower, then as the fortune says, you should be expecting your best idea to arrive sometime this week. The fact that ideas can strike the same place more than once is very good news for someone like me, who is in the "ideas business" and needs a steady stream of marketing ideas daily to delight our clients.

Getting good ideas is, believe it or not, the easy part of today's fortune.

The second part of the fortune is to "Act on it." This is the hard part! I am guilty of being an "idea hoarder." I get grandiose movie script ideas, plot lines for a comic book, concepts for marketing books I want to write, incredible plans for additions to the treehouse I am building with my son, yet many of them never become reality and lay dried out and abandoned in the rusty, dusty "idea bone yard."

So, I encourage you to take heed of the best idea that comes to you in the shower this week, and make the time you'll need to act on it. Who knows, your best idea could change your life or even the world. It may be good enough to make you rich and famous, or even better—it will give you a new level of satisfaction, a feeling of pride, and a sense of accomplishment. Now that's a great idea!

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Submitted by:

Malik Calimbas

Unpackaged in: 

San Marcos, CA, USA

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