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You are independent politically.

Jim Kropp
Today's fortune submitted by:
Jim Kropp

Franklin, MA, USA

Jim Kropp, Product Manager at TRICOR – Tennessee Rehabilitative Initiative in Correction, excels in diverse areas from Brand Strategy to Lead Generation. With a versatile skill set spanning digital and traditional marketing, Jim develops solutions by listening to customer and team pain points. He is driven by facts and metrics, understanding the people behind the numbers. Available for full-time or contract work, Jim is focused on enhancing business growth and profitability.

An Objective Opinion.

Today's Marketing Cookie underscores the value of maintaining an independent viewpoint, to navigate the complexities of corporate environments. Many companies find comfort in the familiar, often struggling to adapt to dynamic changes in their marketplace. Is your company like that? Have your competitors suddenly emerged looking fresh, new, and current while you're stuck in outdated practices becoming slowly irrelevant?

Eventually, you notice fewer leads, declining revenue, and a drop in customer retention. We both know that your company is smarter than this. You're better than this, and you've decided it's time to shake things up!

However, trying to initiate change internally often leads to frustration. You may hold numerous meetings, but find everyone so entrenched in their ways that the outcomes barely change. Attempts to restructure the website might just mirror the company's organizational chart, creating silos rather than an intuitive experience for users. After several such cycles, it becomes clear that everyone is too close to the issue, bogged down by internal politics and unable to see the bigger picture.

This is when we get the call for help.

Upon our arrival, we often find all the stakeholders gathered around the conference room table, their expressions marked by weariness and frustration from endless meetings that failed to break new ground. 

We begin our engagement by cutting through these layers of internal bias. We start with fundamental questions: What is special about your company? Why do your customers love you? What makes your products and services superior to those of "the other guys"? Our focus isn't just on identifying problems but on rediscovering and leveraging your core strengths. It’s not long before the mood shifts and smiles start to return.

As we retreat to our agency to further explore the strengths of your company, compete with research on your competitors, and refine our ideas, we eventually hit upon that amazing "Ah-ha! moment". These breakthroughs are what we live for—they make us giddy. Then, our creative team translates these new positioning ideas into something tangible and vibrant that truly brings your company's vision to life.

When we return to present our strategic and creative thinking, the common consensus is clear: reaching this point of renewal was not possible alone. Sometimes stepping away from corporate internal politics and embracing an objective viewpoint focused on the needs of the prospect is essential for a transformative reboot. 

In moments like these, it's crucial to let go of the old, politically charged thinking and embrace new, innovative ideas. However, take my words with a grain of salt—I’m naturally biased towards change and innovation!

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Submitted by:

Jim Kropp

Unpackaged in: 

Franklin, MA, USA

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"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

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"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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