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"When weaving nets, all threads count."

Today's fortune submitted by:
Myles Bristowe

Orlando, FL, USA

Myles is the founder of Wicked Good Results where he creates lead generation strategies and campaigns for clients with nerdy enthusiasm that turn clicks into new customers.

Unified Marketing.

Today's Marketing Cookie practically writes itself! Unified Marketing is a term I came up with years ago. It is quite literally a function of weaving channels together to form a net that effectively captures more qualified prospects. When I was a young and naive marketer, I put all my chips on digital marketing and ignored traditional channels.

Over the years, I have seen firsthand, how effective multi-channel marketing can be. By mixing traditional channels with new media, everything performs better. At conferences across the country, there's one fearless client in particular I love to speak about because she permitted us to try absolutely anything.

We had to generate the over 45,000 high-quality leads each year, on a limited budget. We connected TV and radio advertising, billboards, prints ads direct mail and email campaigns together with a wide range of digital advertising all leading prospects to landing pages. 

We integrated events with mobile marketing and social media, and unified all of the channels together through a behavior-based, lead nurture program. With every channel we unified together, we saw a greater lift in leads through each channel than we would have when operating them in silos. In order to get more leads, you need to start weaving your net with more threads.

by Myles Bristowe

Today's Marketing Cookie

Learn to speak marketing.

"...and a list of things that need to be fixed for only $1,900."

Actual translation:
What marketing says:

"Oil change only $19."

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