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Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.

Shawn Mathews
Today's fortune submitted by:
Shawn Mathews

Marlborough, MA, USA

Shawn Mathews is a seasoned industrial painter with extensive experience across various industries. Currently at Ken's Foods, he previously honed his skills at Global Power Equipment Group and as a Senior Paint Technician at Lenze Americas Corporation, before working with EAW – Eastern Acoustic Works. His career reflects a commitment to excellence in industrial painting techniques and project management.

Shawn was like a big brother to me back in the good old days. Your friendship always made the tough days easier and the good days even brighter.

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Submitted by:

Shawn Mathews

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Marlborough, MA, USA

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"The cost of this cream may induce stress and wrinkles."

What marketing says:

"This special cream hides wrinkles and reduces stress."

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