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There's more to balance than not falling over.

Judy Ottenstroer
Today's fortune submitted by:
Judy Ottenstroer

Charlotte, NC, USA

Judy Ottenstroer, Sr. Director of Professional Services at Medallia, excels as a CX pro skilled in consumer & B2B markets. Renowned for her expert research and project management, she's pivotal in executing complex projects with exceptional results, contributing significantly to success.

Discover Balance.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about balance.

It can be difficult sometimes to find the right balance in marketing. Our programs should be bold but not too loud. Our advertising should be risky but not too reckless, and our marketing strategy should be disruptive but not disrespectful. I've learned that focusing too heavily on just one channel, such as SEO, is a disservice to the entire program and reduces the outcome. The best programs we have employed incorporated multiple marketing channels, such as web, social media, mobile, and traditional media all together. When in balance across multiple channels, our results are greater.

I believe that everything in life should be done in moderation... except for moderation itself. Food is good for you, but too much of it will make you fat. Sleep is good for you, but too much lying around will make you unproductive. Being active in the community is good for everyone, but too much volunteering will burn you out.

Achieving success in your life shouldn't be only a measure of how much money you have, the position you've obtained, or even the impact you've had on the world. Rather, success is more of a measure of how successful you've been in ALL areas of your life. Consider every area of your life to require equal time and importance. How much time do you allocate to your family, your career, your friends, your health, your community, and your spiritual convictions? If you dedicate more attention to only one of these areas, you do a disservice to the others.

What does it benefit you to give all your time to your community and neglect your family or friends in the meantime? What good can it be for you to be so focused on spiritual matters that you neglect your health or your career? Rather than making one area, such as your family, your career, or your health the top priority of your life, try to focus on achieving balance as your number one priority. If you achieve balance, you won't have to go on a diet to desperately try to restore your health because you were spending too much time on your career, or suddenly have to quit your community volunteering gig because it was taking too much time away from your family.

Whether it is your marketing mix or your life, focus on giving equal attention to every area, and I promise you'll discover that there's more to balance than not falling over.

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Submitted by:

Judy Ottenstroer

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Charlotte, NC, USA

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"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

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"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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