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"You are the center of every group's attention."

Today's fortune submitted by:
Myles Bristowe

Orlando, FL, USA

Myles is the founder of Wicked Good Results where he creates lead generation strategies and campaigns for clients with nerdy enthusiasm that turn clicks into new customers.

The Center of Attention.

Today's Marketing Cookie is a direct invitation to move your business into the center of the conversation. Right now, your targeted prospects are asking questions pertaining to your services in several industry groups on LinkedIn and discussing the difficult problems your products solve on Twitter, forums and other social networks. You have the opportunity to provide thought leadership, solve problems, and build relationships with your prospects. Building relationships takes time, but by being a leader in all of these groups and sites, you can take center stage.

The first step in developing a social media strategy is to better understand the landscape. By using social media monitoring tools, we identify where some of the best conversations are happening and map out the frequency and activities needed for your engagement plan. 

Rather than creating advertisements and marketing messages, you'll focus on fostering fans and initiating conversations. As your fans, followers and fellow group members begin to rely on you for valued insights, they will be more likely to become customers. The more attention you give to solving problems and answering questions for your audience, the more attention you'll be given.

by Myles Bristowe

Today's Marketing Cookie

Learn to speak marketing.

"Not available in your state."

Actual translation:
What marketing says:

"Not available in all states."

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