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"Life is a verb."

Today's fortune submitted by:
Myles Bristowe

Orlando, FL, USA

Myles is the founder of Wicked Good Results where he creates lead generation strategies and campaigns for clients with nerdy enthusiasm that turn clicks into new customers.

Take Action.

Today's Marketing Cookie is a call to action! There are only twenty business days in an average month, and your monthly lead quota DOES NOT have a "pause" button. Some of our clients need to generate 50,000 new leads per quarter to make their sales and revenue numbers. They can't afford to wait "until next month" for leads while we are thinking of a new campaign, or trying to write copy for their website. We take action immediately, because we still have to ring the bell.

If you want to make your numbers, you must run while you are learning to crawl, and start flying before you have wings. Wyatt Earp once said, "Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything". Well, he's probably right when it comes to a shootout, but I say; don't worry if it's not perfect!

Even if a company has the ugliest logo that anyone has ever seen, you can still do a quick campaign that brings prospects to their website. If their website was obviously built in the mid nineties and visitors call it a "parody of a website", then there's always direct mail or a quick landing page that could be executed right away. 

The point is that you can get the phone ringing right away, while working to improve your branding for tomorrow. I call this the, "fast track". I believe that marketing is more than a profession. Its a verb, and there's always a way to make an impact in the short term.

by Myles Bristowe

Today's Marketing Cookie

Learn to speak marketing.

"Because who doesn't love paying extra to dress up their garbage?"

Actual translation:
What marketing says:

"New flexible trash bags with handles and special deodorant."

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