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Now is the time to make circles with mints, do not haste any longer.

Colin Hageney
Today's fortune submitted by:
Colin Hageney

Houston, TX, USA

Colin Hageney, CEO at Bullpen Marketing, excels in providing comprehensive marketing services. His firm, catering to a broad client base from schools to Fortune 500 companies, specializes in print, web design, promotional products, and more. Colin's approach is to offer effective, budget-friendly marketing solutions, aiming to be a reliable friend to every client. His expertise spans marketing, PR, branding, and fundraising.

When I attended my first Leadership Summit, Colin stood out as the kind of leader I aspired to be one day. When we were rebuilding the AMA chapter in Boston, Colin was our trusted council, our greatest cheerleader and is a good friend. He is among the smartest marketers you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting and has high marks in the "good guy" category.

Make Circles With Mints.

Colin served in four hundred thousand leadership positions in the Houston Chapter of the AMA, and served on the Professional Chapters Council for at least 12 million years. Mr. Hageney has been to every single AMA Leadership Summit since the early 1940's (through skillful use of time travel) and was selected as the AMA Volunteer of the Year in 2010, an award that was likely created forhim, and maybe even created by him. He is the most interesting AMA man in the world! I was thrilled to receive today's fortune from Mr. Hageney. Writing such an important Marketing Cookie will be a challenge that I accept with complete humility... my only fear is I will fall short in deciphering its meaning.

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Haste makes waste". His wisdom is well worth the penny you've been saving, and his is advice that should be adhered to without hesitation. Unfortunately, after checking through the vault at the Library of Congress, I was unable to discover any wisdom from Benjamin Franklin, nor from any other funding fathers about the importance of making circles with mints. In my estimation, making circles with mints would be a waste of time, unless of course there were some benefits form the result.

The weekend before last, Colin and his wife were visiting Boston, so my wife and I drove into the city to meet them for lunch. The weather was beautiful, our lunch at Stephanie's was superb and after dessert, we had a wonderful time walking down Newbury Street together. It was a quiet, relaxing day, followed by sitting next to the dugout at one of the best Red Sox games I've attended in recent memory.

I may have thought about work a few times, and even talked about work a little, but one aspect of work was missing on that day. Haste. I wasn't rushing between back-to-back client meetings, and the Hageney's weren't speeding off to bring their kids to their next little league practice. No. We were chill-laxing in Boston, listening to street performers, and we did so without a care in the world. I'm sorry Mr. Franklin. In this case, "making waste" is a good thing to do once in a while. While we neglected to make circles with mints, we did make time to relax and never once made haste all day long. Not even once.

When's the last time you took time to make circles with mints?

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Submitted by:

Colin Hageney

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Houston, TX, USA

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"Kid's popcorn, candy and soda: $158."

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"Kid's discounted movie tickets: $8."

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