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Love, because it is the only true adventure.

Randi Simmons
Today's fortune submitted by:
Randi Simmons

Prince George, Virginia, USA

Randi Simmons is a Mortgage Specialist at C&F Mortgage Corporation, known for her deep understanding of mortgages and credit. With exceptional patience, she expertly guides first-time buyers and those with credit challenges through the mortgage process. Her experience as a processor provides her a unique insight that sets her apart. Randi's knowledge, compassion, and passion make her a highly recommended expert in her field.

The Love Triangle.

Today’s Marketing Cookie is about finding a harmonious balance of self-love, connections, and purpose.

Last week, I wrote a simple poem about the passionate love triangle we all navigate in life. The first stanza begins with having love for yourself, the next, love for others, and finally, love for your work. I specifically put these three loves in that order to suggest that self-love serves as the foundation for our capacity to love others and ultimately for finding fulfillment in your work.

Loving yourself is the cornerstone of your love triangle. If you were picturing a triangle with a wide, strong base and the tippy top pointing to the sky like a pyramid, flip it upside down. There. Self-love is that single point at the bottom, upon which the other two loves are built. If your love for self is not strong and true, the weight of the other two loves can be a heavy burden.

Love for yourself means accepting your strengths and flaws, being kind to yourself, and prioritizing your well-being. It is an everyday commitment to self-discovery, awareness, nurturing, and growth. With a strong foundation, you can approach life with confidence and resilience.

Once you’ve established the foundation of your love triangle, it becomes easier to genuinely love and care for others. One benefit of investing in love for yourself first is that it helps you set healthy boundaries and understand the importance of mutual respect and empathy in all your relationships. Once the foundation is strong, you’ll create a positive energy and have the capacity to attract and nurture meaningful connections with those around you.

Finally, when you love and know yourself, it naturally extends to your work. Understanding who you are and what you’re good at can help you discover the type of work, roles, and environments that make you come to life. Pay attention to the sense of fulfillment you get from your tasks, see the value in your contributions, and you’ll notice what triggers your self-motivation to pursue your passions. This love for your work is not just about professional success or a big salary, but about finding joy and purpose in whatever you do.

When your love triangle is strong, some of those self-inflicted roadblocks can be cleared away. Keep in mind that when your three loves are intertwined, they can get out of balance sometimes, but when you’ve got it right, you can navigate life with a sense of purpose and excitement, ready for whatever comes next, as today's fortune says, "Love, because it is the only true adventure."

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Submitted by:

Randi Simmons

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Prince George, Virginia, USA

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