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Generosity and perfection are your everlasting goals.

James Walker
Today's fortune submitted by:
James Walker

Washington D.C., DC, USA

James Walker, EVP & GM at Weber Shandwick Baltimore, leads innovative communications and digital solutions, driving growth for +17 years. Globally experienced, he shares insights as an adjunct professor and hosts the podcast "One Quick Point."

Unobtainable Goals.

Today's Marketing Cookie is about striving to be perfect and generous.

When seeing today's fortune, I thought it was a strange combination to bring perfection and generosity together as everlasting goals. Especially since perfection is completely unobtainable for mere mortals like you and me. Additionally, these two goals stand in opposition to one another, as generosity is centered on others, and perfection is quite centered on self. Unless of course, you'll allow me to change the fortune to be, "Perfection in generosity is your everlasting goal."

Much better. Thank you!

What then would it mean to be perfect in generosity? Well, I think it means giving unto others... for their benefit, not yours. If you give your heart, mind, time, and property to others, and do so freely and unconditionally, without request or expectation, you will probably get pretty close to perfection in your giving. Such an everlasting goal would be a noble life. If you achieved perfection in generosity, you would be admired as a role model, and the total sum of your life would be something to truly be proud of. However, your pride would then take away from whatever selfless perfection you might have accomplished.

What then shall we do with this fortune? No matter how I rephrase its meaning, the realization of such everlasting goals remains unobtainable. So then I ask you. Is it worthwhile to strive for Heavenly goals, knowing we shall never satisfy the requirements? What about traits like love and honesty? Just like generosity, we could never be perfect in love, and we've all told a lie at some point in our lives, but that shouldn't stop us from trying. Of course, we should try!

Therefore, I will let today's fortune stand as it was written. I will strive for the unobtainable in all things, including love and honesty. Even if perfection remains beyond my grasp, I will continue to reach for the very best in what today's fortune says, "Generosity and perfection are your everlasting goals."

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Submitted by:

James Walker

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Washington D.C., DC, USA

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