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Myles Purple.png

Myles Bristowe

Chief Disrupter

Myles kicked off his career by drawing a hot dog on deli paper

(It's true. You'll have to ask him for the full story.)


A long, long time ago (in dog years), Myles was hired to monitor dial-up communities on AOL, Prodigy, and CompuServe. One day, he convinced his boss to let him build the first-ever website for the thoroughbred horse racing industry. This decision fundamentally changed their business forever.


It also gave him permission to wonder, "what if..." and fearlessly explore new possibilities. Curiosity has served him well throughout his career.


Over the next 20+ years, Myles has built, expanded and/or sold a half dozen web design, digital marketing and social media firms - three of which he founded. 


Eager to serve! After seven years on the board of directors for the Boston Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA), including two terms as President, Myles served on the International Board of Directors and has been tenured as an honorary lifetime member of the AMA. He currently serves as the Vice President of Programming for the TampaBay chapter.
Myles will tell you, "serving the AMA has been the best job for my career".

Tim Purpe.png

Tim J. Bogardus

Chief Brand Builder

Art. Music. Sport. Science. Math. A True Renaissance Man.


Tim is our Chief Brand Builder. An active member of the AMA, with over 30+ years of experience in the marketing industry, Tim has seen it all. From that first moment in high school when he first saw a graphic artist at work, he understood the incredible power branding plays in the world. It touches everything and everyone, though they may not know it.


With skills in traditional and digital channels, he has created national and international brands with large and small agencies. Tim knows how to build award-winning creative content that delivers wicked good results.


Tim believes that empathy with the consumer's point of view drives his ability to identify the difference makers and build success for companies trying to connect emotionally with their customers. Just as important as the strategic and creative talent he brings to the table, is the attitude and respect for a productive partnership. The process and the client partnership should always be collaborative. Which means that a close relationship between agency and client is a vital part of our brand building process.


When not generating creating results for clients, Tim can be found on the beach playing volleyball, up on-stage playing guitar, watching the science channel or just nerding out playing D&D.

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